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Content Manager, Folkestone

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Content Manager

We are searching for a talented content manager, who's not only sharp with words, but also enjoys a good logic puzzle. Our content managers create ideas and scripts for personalized videos and then build those videos out utilizing our internal CMS you start with a creative brief that defines the messages to various audiences, and then you break them down to create unique experiences for each and every viewer. You'll then use our unique technology to build out and specify how the video behaves person by person. You'll be working with the world's leading brands, on a one of a kind communication system that clarifies services, sells products, educates on drives and process to actions, all in a one-to-one way. The day-to-day includes writing scripts, building messaging matrices, recording narrations and working with designers to create motion graphics videos, and utilizing internal tools to define logic and decision trees.

A text master that visualizes concepts

Strong research & content editing capabilities
Ability to break down a plan into coherent, crisp messaging
Ability to master new tools and interfaces quickly
Excellent teamwork skills, strong work ethic and passion

2-4 years of copywriting experience, preferably in advertising
Past work with video or motion graphics
Experience in the digital world and affinity to new technologies is a plus
Experience working with fortune 500 companies
Experience building dynamic content trees like Facebook campaigns, Email chains and even online quizzes.

And additional awesome:
You're a fun to be with kinda person, very positive, a fantastic colleague with a solid work ethic. You jump at the chance to collaborate with colleagues on various projects. Oh, and there is a deadline, too. Change is not a scary word to you. Sometimes, you will just need to get started all over again.

Applications Before: Feb 7, 2020

Organisation: Scamfighter

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