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Lisa Wolfe and Associates arrives at The Hub

Added on: 14th September, 2017 by Lisa _39193

Lisa Wolfe and Associates arrives at The Hub

Last Updated:
Tue, 7 November 2017

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Let me ask you a couple of questions:
Do you suffer from a lack of sleep, or a disturbed night?
Do you feel agitated or stressed about something?
Is there anything getting you down?
Do you have a phobia?
Have you lost your confidence or 'mojo'?
Do you feel lacking in motivation and not sure which way to go?
Are you trying for a baby?
Does your child or partner have trouble sleeping?
If any of these ring a bell with you keep reading.

I work with sufferers of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a term used to describe a combination of debilitating symptoms experienced by someone who has suffered significant distress, trauma or adversity, and I help them get their life back.

I work with both military personnel, their families and civilians. With first hand experience of the challenges and life-long implications of PTSD, I'm dedicated to implementing change to how sufferers are supported to stop the nightmares, flashbacks and other symptoms, to give them and their families the reality of a positive future, and equally as important, that there is hope for recovery.

My work also extends to people suffering from stress, anxiety and a lack of confidence. I use a solution-focused approach, which is modern and clinically proven, with no need for emotional archaeology, so my clients feel happy, confident and have a positive future. I work with people to unlock their limiting beliefs, helping them to move forward in life with confidence. If people suffer from a particular fear, phobia or addiction, they could be holding themselves back and 'getting in their own way'. I often hear my clients say that coming to see me was their 'last resort' after they've exhausted other avenues such as their GP or support group. My clients recognise that they're not happy, or not 'feeling like themselves', but are stuck on what to do and who to ask for help.

I help my clients to get back control of their lives, help them to regain their confidence and realise that the future holds so much more for them. I focus only on the future and how we can achieve a positive outcome without dwelling on the past. What that means is that we donít need to look into the past, and we can leave it exactly where it needs to be, in the rear view mirror.
I use a simple 5 step process which can turn people's lives round in as little as 6 weeks. Even with significant trauma or post-traumatic stress, in a short space of time change can happen. I help clients to understand why they are suffering the way they are, help them to set positive goals for the future, identify and undo any negative behaviour patterns that may be holding them back, create positive new behaviour patterns and habits, and then lock those in for permanent change.

If you would like to find out how to get your life back on track, or refer someone to me, call or text me on 07402 868658 to book an initial consultation. I'm available every week in Central London or Folkestone.

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