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Highview Special School, Folkestone

Highview Special School, Folkestone
  • address: Moat Farm Road
  • phone: 01303 258755
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Highview School is a mixed day school with 117 designated places for children between the ages of 5 and 16 years. The school caters for children who have a range of moderate and complex learning difficulties, including children with language delay and disorder and associated behavioural difficulties. The pupils who attend Highview School have a Statement of Educational Needs.
“To create an enriching, caring and supportive environment within the school and the community where, with respect for each other, everyone can work together as a team and each individual is encouraged to achieve his/her full potential towards an effective quality of life.”
To provide the best possible education for every child in the School’s care within the abilities of its staff and the resources at its disposal, and seek to raise prevailing standards across all areas for the benefit of all who access its services.
To enlarge a child’s knowledge, skills, experience and imaginative understanding and awareness of moral values and capacity for enjoyment.
To provide a healthy School environment where care and compassion are exercised for all pupils, where the skills, talents and abilities of each child are nurtured and where pupils and staff work as a community team in harmony, in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.
To work with and in the community to increase the experiences and understanding of children in the School.
To prepare young people for the transition to the next stages of education, i.e16-19.
To increase each child and young person’s understanding of the community of which they are to play a part, and the various dimensions to their roles and responsibilities as active citizens and participants within society.
Highview School has achieved Healthy School Status and actively supports the aims and philosophy of the Healthy Schools Initiative. We aim to ensure that this permeates all School activities

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