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Folkestone School for Girls, Folkestone

The Folkestone School for Girls is an outstanding school where excellence is encouraged in all areas.

Academic achievement, creativity, sporting prowess, community involvement and empathy for others are all key goals.

We start from a position of creating a happy caring school where girls are encouraged to aspire, to find out who they are and to develop their strengths across a broad spectrum of activities.

We encourage and nurture girls during their time with us and we are immensely proud of them when they leave as well-educated young women with highly-developed interpersonal skills and a broad range of interests. Our girls are confident in their own worth, prepared for an independent life and capable of making a positive contribution to society. It is from this cornerstone that they go on to pursue varied and fulfilling careers.

We are especially proud of the school's long and distinguished history in Folkestone. 'Folkestone Girls' have an excellent reputation locally for their ability, their service to the community and their good manners.
At The Folkestone School for Girls we strive to ensure that all students:

Are encouraged to achieve excellence in all areas of the curriculum;
Achieve a sense of dignity, personal responsibility and self esteem;
Learn to work as part of a team;
Have an open mind and the ability to make and understand moral judgements;
Receive a balanced and broad education and are equipped with those skills necessary to undertake a lifetime of learning.

Our website will only give you a glimpse of the special opportunities we offer girls. The best way to find out more about The Folkestone School for Girls is to come and visit us, either at one of our open events, or on any weekday by making an appointment via our school Reception.

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