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Folkestone Book Festival - Clive Aslet: War Memorial

The former editor of Country Life, Clive Aslet, unravels the story of one war memorial, in the Dartmoor village of Lydford. Through original documents, he traces the lives of the twenty-two men, and one woman, who died fighting for Britain in the two World Wars, the Falklands and Iraq who, but for the war memorial, would be forgotten. A timely reflection on the role and purpose of war memorials. Clive Aslet: War Memorial Saturday 15 November at The Quarterhouse Book now: Box office 01303 760750 or..

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Folkestone Book Festival - Simon Gough And Jane Bow: Island Stories

Fact and fantasy collide in The White Goddess, Simon Gough’s account of his relationship with his great uncle Robert Graves in Deia where he fell under the spell of the poet’s muse. In Cally’s Way, Jane Bow takes us back and forth between a contemporary love story and one that took place during WW2 in Crete. They will talk about weaving facts into fiction, love and war. Simon Gough And Jane Bow: Island Stories Saturday 15 November at 2pm at Folkestone Library, Grace hill to book:..

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Folkestone Book Festival - Richard Van Emden

One of Britain’s leading military historians tells the story of the Great War exclusively through the words and images of soldiers on the ground. In this illustrated talk, Richard Van Emden shows what life was like for the ordinary soldier, what mattered to him, and how he survived, both physically and mentally. History - Richard Van Emden: Tommy's War Saturday 15 November at 2.30pm at The Quarterhouse Richard van Emden has..

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Triennial 2014 artist ANDY GOLDSWORTHY

Goldsworthy is known internationally for his temporary outdoor sculptures and permanent installations, a practice he has evolved over thirty years exploring the idea of ‘materials in place’. In his ephemeral practice, he uses whatever natural materials and weather conditions are to be encountered at the place of making, creating short-lived, often formal works of tension and intensity. As a counterpoint, Goldsworthy’s permanent commissions engage predominantly with the layered and encultured history of land use,..

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FUTURE NOW is 20 projects by over 80 artists in spaces ranging from a high street chain store to the Pilgrims Way, taking place over the 10 weekends of the Triennial. A curated platform of sound work will be presented on every available scale, from the intimacy of headphones to shouting on a street, a three minute song to an endless transmission - shared experiences in private and public places. Music, performance and poetry will be presented informally at the harbour site while the Quarterhouse will host an ambitious programme of live art and theatre. Other kinds of work; immersive, participatory, discursive; will engage artist and audience alike with landscape and history, future and now. In 1844 the railway came to the fishing village of Folkestone and changed it forever. Today a new fast rail link between the town and..

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Folkestone Camera Club

Interested in photography? New Season commences on 1st September 2014 at 7.30pm. The camera Club meet on Mondays from September to May at St. georges Church hall, Audley Road, Folkestone (on the corner of Shorncliffe Road, opposite Folkestone West Station. Competitions, Battles, Audio Visuals, Lectures, Outings, Portraiture, Workshops, Travelogues etc. Friendly atmosphere New Members always..

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F.H.O.D.S at The Tower Theatre

I come to tower theatre usually for jazz. As I was staying for a couple of nights I decided to.see Sailor Beware on Thursday 11th sept. I was not disapointed in fact the opposite. A brilliant...

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We have a number of back to back personal radios available for hire . They are suitable for events such as parades, organised sporting events and festivals. Hire costs are £5 per radio for each 24 hour period. Longer hire periods can be negotiated with...

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